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Valentine’s Day is the second busiest restaurant day of the year. You could definitely shower your loved one with roses & restaurant reservations. If it’s something you rarely do together and it’s super special, then by all means go for it!

If you’d rather do something totally super special that doesn’t require reservations and show off some skills, perhaps whipping up a romantic menu is more your thing. Breakfast, lunch, dinner… take your pick! Heck, make it even more super duper special & plan breakfast in bed, a picnic, or dine al fresco!

Your menu need not be complicated. Keep it simple & delicious! A few ingredients & lots of love go a loong way. Here’s a few ideas to get your creativity going…

  • Berry & granola yogurt parfait in a champagne flute
  • Sliced strawberries on toast with chevre & drizzled honey
  • Angelhair pasta with prosciutto & oilves
  • Gooey grilled cheese with spinach & avocado
  • Whole roasted chicken with citrus & cilantro
  • A heart shaped pepperoni pizza

Drop me a note & let me know what you make! Happy Valentine’s day !!


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